Meira Active Leggings Are Replacing Active Underwear

Meira Active Leggings Are Replacing Active Underwear

It's about time you treated yourself to some comfortable workout gear that actually functions to your liking. You ask yourself, 'What's the best and most comfortable underwear to wear for a workout?' Active underwear is a great option. Before you know it, you're Googling phrases like 'underwear for yoga pants' and 'best active underwear.' Whether it be for performance, intense workouts, or general movement through our day, we want to give women better options.

At Meira Active, we knew there were a few problems we wanted to solve when it came to two everyday items: underwear and leggings! As a woman-owned company committed to saving women time, we are sending help and support in the form of Smooth Duo® Leggings and Bike Shorts with Built-in Underwear. Here are the ways Smooth Duo Leggings is solving common underwear-related problems when it comes to leggings and activewear.

Issue #1: Visible Panty Lines (otherwise known as VPL). The dreaded panty line that you think is invisible until you get into the light or catch yourself in the mirror during a workout class.

Solution: Smooth Duo Leggings® with Built-in Underwear™ by Meira Active consist of a pair of comfortable fit leggings attached to a second discreet layer which is a pair of active panties. After several fit and fabric trials we were able to achieve creating the best underwear perfectly shaped and paired to each pair of leggings we manufacture. The customized fit fabric and shape to the legging makes a difference.

Issue #2: It is not comfortable to wear typical underwear with leggings. No-show underwear is uncomfortable to workout in and thongs can really ride up. How many pairs of underwear made from stretchy fabrics claiming to be invisible will we buy before finding what workout underwear feels best? Not to mention that when one panty can work under one legging that doesn't mean it works under them all and for every activity as well as everyday wear. 

Solution: Meira Active made Smooth Duo Leggings® with two types of underwear shapes to satisfy preferences and needs, and the underwear layer acts more like a weightless liner you don't even know you're wearing. We offer leggings and bike shorts with built-in thongs as well as our classic fit underwear style which provides full coverage. Both athletic underwear shapes were designed specifically for our products. The underwear layer skims over the skin without restriction for maximum comfort. No chafing. 

Issue #3: Moisture. Many undergarments are not quick-drying, and neither are the leggings themselves.  

Solution: We use fabrics that are not only moisture-wicking but also comfortable on the body. Our best-selling Smooth Duo Legging with Built-in Underwear is just as cozy as cotton but with a quicker drying time and better ability to wick away sweat while our Legging with Built-in Thong is extremely quick-drying.

Issue #4: You know it, or have done it: the rummage. It's the last thing you want to do when you're on the move or hoping for a few minutes to get ready for the day in peace before your kids get up. First, you grab a pair of leggings to wear and then rummage through your underwear drawer. You might have thought, 'Where's that one thong I know doesn't ride up under these bike shorts?' or 'Where is that pair of no-show undies I have that you can't see through these leggings?' Maybe it's laundry day, so you opt to wear no undies at all to save time. However a simple internet search can tell us this helps bacteria thrive.

Solution: Our Built-in Underwear™. The underwear is literally built in to all Meira Active Leggings and Bike Shorts. If you haven't yet seen the magic of our built-in underwear in our homepage video, many customers find product reviews helpful in learning about the benefits. With underwear always with the legging or shorts, rummaging doesn't have a place in your morning. Several brands for men have created athletic bottoms with attached boxers and briefs. It was time something was made for the women, don't you think?

So instead of stocking up on multiple pairs of workout undies and leggings that don't really make your life any easier, you may want to give Meira Active's time saving, panty line slaying leggings with built-in underwear a try. With free shipping and returns on all USA orders the risk is low but the reward potential is extremely high. What's to lose besides those panty lines?