Style Guide: The Best Soccer Mom Outfits

Style Guide: The Best Soccer Mom Outfits

Scoring that perfect soccer mom look is completely obtainable, but our guess is if you're reading this article you may be looking for a few new style ideas. Whether you want to feel comfortable and put together on the sidelines cheering for your kid, or are simply looking for a way to epitomize cool mom casual dress for your own extracurricular activities, we made this guide to help with your next great casual outfit idea, Meira Muses. There's something about soccer mom style that makes for good outfit inspo. Mom or not, this guide is meant to be an easy reference for nailing the perfect soccer mom outfit whether or not you're actually headed to a soccer field today. If you're not you get to keep your midsize SUV (the minivan life is optional), but your new fave fit is waiting.

Cute Soccer Mom Outfit Ideas Head to Toe:

  1. We love ourselves yoga pants and a t-shirt, but they don't have to be your go-to every Saturday morning if you don't want them to be. A great way to mix it up and still dress for comfort is to trade this look for a pair of boyfriend style jeans, a warm sweater (cotton knit is a great choice for breathability when things get heated), sneakers and a casual tote bag for all the snacks and game day items. This one is a go-to basic among #momoutfits but you can count on it.
  2. Black leggings are for sure among game day staples for sideline fans, and we're going to tell you these Meira Active Leggings with Built-in Underwear are relationshipgoals (with the free shipping, returns and exchanges you can't go wrong). A cute sweatshirt (check these from Clare V, J.Crew) keeps things a little fun and cheeky. Layer a long puffer vest if you want, and add a boot with a high vamp. Hats are practical but for sure can add to the overall look of being at a soccer game while keeping hair from flying on a windy day.
  3. Athleisure wear is for sure acceptable dress for soccer moms and since you're not the one on the field, accessories (like jewelry) are acceptable too. For a low lift morning (mentally) we love a grey/ neutral palette with leggings (check out these grey leggings) but adding accessories makes things more interesting. Simple styles like hoop earrings or a simple neck chain make for complimentary bling by adding just a little shine to your casual look and don't be afraid to add fun fashion sneakers (love a neon color pop here)!
  4.  Pair your favorite pair of jeans back to a rugby style shirt (I have one from my almer mater from my college days- still love it for the high-quality fabric!) Different weights and sleeve lengths in a rugby top can accomodate a variety of weather conditions. Slide on comfortable shoes like Vans or Birdies.  If the temp is particularly brisk, add a puffer coat or a chic knit hat (Uniqlo has great ones around Fall/Winter).
  5. Brunch after the game anyone? Sweater, great all around black leggings like Smooth Duo Leggings with Built-in Underwear, sleek leather jacket and a baseball cap says I've also got errands to do but I've also got a life. Adding an elevated pieces like a leather jacket into your weekend wardrobe gives an otherwise casual look more versatility and is a nice departure from a more expected rotation of comfy soccer mom outfits. Great to layer on to any other casual outfit for any other visits to school too.
  6. Somewhere between the extremes of denim shorts and a maxi dress (we've seen some of the guides out comment) lies the school attire soccer mom. She's cool, she's chic, but has spirit. Long to midi length denim skirt with the team t-shirt for your favorite team. CUTE or what? Every local soccer mom will be asking you for style tips. Add a cropped leather jacket if you want another layer.
  7. We call this the "quick escape" outfit. Bright sweaters (like this one from Everlane) strike a fun contrast to your essential cropped black legging and are a great option to wake up your senses (and maybe your kids) if it's the morning. Having the wake up beverages in tow can be a great first step but we don't underestimate the power of color to put a little more spring in our step. Add that belt bag, sling or fanny pack and you're good to go.
  8. Don't always knock the original casual outfit - leggings and a hoodie. Why not elevate the look? Adding a pair of quintessential black leather riding boots and a good pair of sunglasses is a pretty fool proof way to chic-ify just about any black leggings outfit. Major Bonus: Smooth Duo Leggings are meant to solve panty line issues and keep you comfortable all day.
  9. A little balmy out? Bike shorts are a nice way to stay comfortable and cool. Pair with a tank top and long length denim button down top worn open or denim jacket.

  Whether it's the soccer mom lifestyle you wish to emulate or you just wanted some ideas for cute outfits using comfortable clothes this season, tell us what your top 2 favorite looks are in the comments!

*Note: We are NOT collecting commissions for suggesting you check out pieces from other brands.

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