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Smooth Duo™

Apparel with built-in underwear
Meet smooth duo™

Apparel with built-in underwear! Meet our leggings and bike shorts designed to disappear panty lines.

How built-in underwear works in 60 seconds

How does Meira Active Smooth Duo® remove panty lines? 😻

Original sketches and designs for leggings and bike shorts with built-in underwear and thong
First of it's kind design

We were tired of wasting time trying to pair the right underwear with the right legging and didn't want to settle for thongs that rode up (or going commando 😨). We set out to design a legging + underwear pair that are a match made in heaven.

Take me to the leggings!
Gif of women pulling out the underwear from the grey leggings showing how they're stitched directly into the legging fabric.
Buttery Soft Leggings Meet Silky Smooth Underwear

We vetted different fabric and design combinations to find the perfect pair that's smooth, moves with your body, and leaves no trace of underwear lines.

Ok I'm sold. Let's shop!
Stacks of black smooth duo leggings with built-in underwear laying on table in New York City factory
Made in New York City with the Highest Standards

So many leggings you see out there are made in oversees factories at the lowest possible cost. This means quality is often sacrificed for profit (we won't name names but you know who they are 😉). We believe in creating higher quality products, locally while still offering a fair price point.

Where has this been all my life?!?!

Meira Active Unboxing 📦

SMOOTH DUO try-on haul 🍑

Forbes best leggings 2022

Our Leggings with Built-in Underwear™ have been recognized by Forbes naming them Best Squat-Proof Leggings of 2022

Image of Forbes.com article showcasing Meira Active Smooth Duo Leggings with Built-In underwear being names the best squat proof leggings of 2022

🦩We've solved your panty problems 🦩

Gif pulling the front of waistline of the blue leggings forward showing the built-in thong underwear inside
Designed to Save time and Slay Panty Lines

Good news - Your leggings and underwear are already paired! Our goal in making this product was for women like us and YOU to look and feel confident in a pair of leggings. High arches at the tops of the thighs leave bunching out of the equation in our classic fit underwear styles, while barely-there thong styles offer you all the right coverage with none of the discomfort.

Women stretching on snow covered deck with trees in the background wearing black meira active smooth duo leggings with built-in underwear showcasing no underwear lines, bunching, or visible seams
You're a Human Who Moves

Shaped not to interfere with how your body moves, our lining is there to offer another layer where comfort is key. We always make sure there is no bunching or riding up. Next to weightless fabric is fit to stay smooth over your shape and negates the need for a separate pair of underwear.


We got rid of your underwear's side seams and vertical back seams giving you a smooth fit all the way through.

Smooth Duo™

Apparel with built-in underwear

At the heart of our heart, we want to see you shine.

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