Our Story


Meira Active is a made in NYC activewear brand that solves panty problems when it comes to activewear. Our Smooth Duo® Leggings with Built-in Underwear™ addresses discomfort and panty lines in leggings. We're always planning to bring more solutions apparel to light based on what makes YOU, our muses and the ones who mostly keep the world turning (women), feel your best! All while keeping our manufacturing in the USA.


“Meira” means shining and giving light. Our pieces are there for you to put on first thing in the morning, giving you a little luxurious hug. There’s a comfort in wearing something so reliable, so well made and well fitting, designs so thoughtfully considered they bring forth our best selves. Whether we’re making VPL free leggings with built-in underwear or highly versatile pieces equally equipped to travel, workout in or mix and match with your favorite jeans, sweatshirt or blazer, we do it because we want you to shine by the light of your own brilliant ease.

We are here to bring ease to your active days by making a collection of thoughtful pieces designed for a woman's whole lifestyle. 


Meira Active was started by Jackie Zaffarano amidst personal transition while living in her NYC apartment.

I found myself dressing more for comfort and ease of motion than for a fashion office. I was frustrated by wearing leggings with underwear and how they didn't measure up to even a basic level of comfort for an entire day of wear and left unwanted pantylines.

As a young girl I would draw dresses, play with my paper dolls and make accessories out of construction paper and tape, but I never really believed I’d have my own brand. The answer was always in front of me that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t see how I could make that happen for myself. I didn’t think I knew how or what I would do. When I graduated college with a degree in Apparel Design, I thought of dancewear, even costumes for the stage as what I’d love to design but my path led me to working for several companies in the fashion industry. After a time collecting countless experiences and tidbits of knowledge from working in the fashion industry, I was led back to themes I felt pulled towards before: designing apparel for movement and New York City’s Garment Center. I'm thrilled to be designing this collection of problem solving clothes for some amazing women, all of whom I wish I could meet!