Our Story (as told by our founder)!

Meira Active is a made in NYC activewear brand dedicated to solving panty problems! We invented Smooth Duo® Leggings and Bike Shorts with Built-in Underwear™ to address discomfort, panty lines, and generally awkward situations when it comes to leggings. We offer women leggings they can rely on without the thought of a panty line, camel toe or bonus - ever having to find the right underwear in a pinch.

Meira Active started because I was frustrated with my own selection of leggings and underwear and how they didn't feel conducive to my needs and wants. When I was let go from my job I found myself wearing leggings all day instead of just to a one hour workout class. I was also moving throughout my day instead of sitting in an office in work attire. I experienced my underwear constantly shifting, riding up or cutting into my flesh in awkward ways that felt uncomfortable and wanted to believe there was a better alternative to going commando so I began researching and trying other "workout underwear" only to find there was no solution on the market to solve panty related issues with leggings. After talking with other women I realized just how universal these problems were.  I wanted the option to move, stretch or walk in public and not have to think about the underwear pulling, bunching or showing. No matter where I was, I was certain I wanted to feel comfortable. This product had to be highly comfortable, high quality, and a reliable.

I first created Smooth Duo™ leggings in my sketch book. Then with a sample room in Manhattan's own Garment District. After working in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, I wanted to do things differently and create the company I wanted to work for. On a personal note, Meira Active would become my proof that I did have an entrepreneurial spirit and a need to pioneer my own ideas. Years of working for other companies which tested me also gave me signs that I was meant to divert onto a new path and create a company with values aligned closer to my own and different than ones I was used to seeing in parts of the fashion industry .

Meira Active is the company I also created for other women. I wanted to make women's lives easier; to create more space for them to shine and ultimately thrive. I wanted to support other small businesses in the city that sculpted me, and I wanted to find ways to eventually help others others on their own paths. That is why we produce in a NYC factory and are working on building a community with resources to help and support others seeking information and answers to other uncomfortable questions that society tells us should make us uncomfortable, but specifically women.

I hope you will love our product knowing what I and this company stands for.  I hope it does wonders for you, and I hope you'll wear it knowing that we always want to see you shine!  xx


Founder of Meira Active