Our Story (as told by our founder)!

Meira Active started with Smooth Duo™. Created so I wouldn't have to think about pairing the right underwear with my leggings, I wanted convenience and I wanted to save time. I wanted the option to move, stretch or walk in public and not have to think about the underwear pulling, bunching or showing. This product had to be highly comfortable, high quality, a reliable and versatile piece.

I first created Smooth Duo™ leggings in my sketch book. Then with a sample room in Manhattan's own Garment District! After working in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, I wanted to do things differently. Meira Active would become my proof that I did have an entrepreneurial spirit and a need to pioneer my own ideas. Years of working for other companies which tested and taught me ended up fueling the fire I needed to start Meira Active.

Meira Active is the company I created for myself and for other women. I wanted to make women's lives easier; to create more space for them to shine and ultimately thrive. I wanted to support other woman-owned businesses in the city that sculpted me, and I wanted to find ways to eventually helps others realize their own paths. That is why we produce in NYC with a woman-owned factory, and why we find ways to donate to an organization which empowers and inspires girls in our community.

I hope you will love our product knowing what I and this company stands for.  I hope it does wonders for you, and I hope you'll wear it knowing that we always want to see you shine!  xx


Founder of Meira Active