8 Brands Making Active Leggings More Original

Woman by a beach boardwalk wearing grey leggings and activewear
The rise and expansion of activewear over the last decade has resulted in so many similar options for basic legging styles out there in the world, which let's face it- too often offer the same basic functionality. So much so that it can feel a little boring and one note when it comes time to shop and refresh our activewear repertoire - whether it be for a new year or a new season. It's too often we're swept up by the deals offered only to end up with the same bunch of basic leggings. In the spirit of seeking more originality, we decided to compile a list of brands creating styles that keep the women's activewear space feeling fresh and offer a welcome departure from a traditional range of active leggings.


Named 'Best Squat Proof Workout Legging' By Forbes, Smooth Duo® leggings are engineered to lay smooth over your shape and show no panty lines with the help of Meira Active's Built-in Underwear in every pair. As a newer brand in the space Meira Active is crafting a world of innovative quality activewear products made in the United States for everyday wear where comfort, style and individuality converge. 'We sought to create a style of leggings that not only disappeared panty lines but exceeded the levels of comfort and practicality we'd grown accustomed to but didn't love from other brands.' The reviews will tell you the built-in brief style underwear in these squat proof leggings makes workouts at the gym more comfortable and offers the protection and smoothing of an undergarment without the feeling of wearing one. Living in the sleek design and supportive fabric will have you second guessing any pants without built-in underwear from the first wear. The squat-proof stamp of approval made on account of editors and customers alike is also a nice bonus.

So you're more of a thong gal. As if the quick drying heather fabric in gorgeous shades of blue and grey wasn't enough of a draw, the built-in thong truly ensures these aren't just any pair of leggings to sweat in. These are the best workout leggings to address unwanted riding up and awkward discomfort with thongs. Thanks to the success of Meira Active's signature Built-in Underwear(brief style) leggings paving the way, they were inspired to design built-in thong leggings, but this time in fresh, subtle and wearable color. Their premium moisture-wicking fabric dries expertly quick as well. Their impeccable fit plus the convenience of the built-in thong offers as close to a second-skin feel as you'll find in a pair of workout leggings. 
*Meira Active offers free standard shipping and returns on all orders to the United States.
If you're looking for a pair of full-length high waisted workout leggings to take you from errands to the gym with extra pockets then these are for you. When leggings can make side pockets look cool and can hold more than just a credit card and your phone, we certainly don't mind. We recommend viewing the video of the anthracite pair to best see all the pockets.
We love how these high-waisted leggings have the look of laid back and casual yoga pants and at the same time incorporate the cool vibe of a jogger without actually being one. If you're feeling high waistbands and want to try out the moisture-wicking technology of this fabric these leggings could be a pair for you to try.
What we love about this legging is not just that it serves pregnant women (which we adore). It also gives a little trompe l'oile effect in a classic and wearable houndstooth print allowing them to be worn as pants with a great sweater when they aren't being used as workout tights. With the right shoes and outfit one might not even realize they are in fact moisture-wicking leggings made from bamboo and spandex. 
#6 Pick: Sweaty Betty 360 Seamless Workout Leggings
Now these are a pair of leggings with an interesting knit pattern. We love the bright colors and playful flair the knit pattern adds to this pair of seamless leggings.
These are the best leggings for carrying all the snacks and accessories on your person. With a fun mini size backpack attached, these high rise leggings seem great for hiking and other hands free activities. Shirt loops make them conducive for hikers and a runners who may like to start in a shirt and end up in a sports bra.
#8 Pick: Girlfriend Collective Compressive Drawstring Legging
These leggings are on the list because we respect that the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus the drawsting is a cute touch.

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