What's better than the perfect pair of cozy leggings? You get out of bed and you're ready for that comfy embrace from your favorite pair. The perfect compliment to your favorite sweatshirt with the big pockets you like to have your morning coffee in. Comfortability is a priority for us which is why we like to check our reviews from top to bottom as well as connect with our customers personally. If you're wondering which of our products reviewers say is the most comfortable, look no further than Smooth Duo in soft blackYou could say these are the leggings that have become our trademark.So there's no for the bulkiness of fleece-lined leggings or another sherpa type lining or faux-fur bottom in your wardrobe to satisfy that feeling of coziness because this Smooth Duo legging gives you those results with a legging you can keep on all day. Leaving home? Just throw on your shoes and stay comfy all day. If you're still deciding whether these are for you, perhaps a few strangers turned friends of Smooth Duo can help answer a few questions.

Meira Active customers include women who work from home, have little kids, have big kids, own their own small businesses, work hard at life, work hard at the gym, are retired from their careers, and so many in between.  We attest to the comfort of our cozy leggings but we're not asking you take our word for it. We have verification that we've cracked the code on comfort and fit in a big way. In fact one TikTok influencer with over a million followers even posted a video raving about our Smooth Duo Legging as compared to Lululemon leggings. So basically for more reasons than one we're telling you there are more alternatives to the security of another swipe through Amazon on your mobile device. Here's what our reviewers are saying about the comfort of our coziest leggings:

"These leggings are so comfortable and extremely flattering. As a curvy girl, when I buy leggings I always look for full coverage and if they can stay up without riding down. I’m happy to report, these leggings pass the test! I can’t wait to buy more!" - Stacy/ Size M

"Absolutely love these leggings! The most comfortable leggings I ever put on. Fit was amazing!! Will buy another pair soon!"  - Camryn/ Size S

"I love my leggings! I have long, cropped and bike shorts. My favorite way to wear your leggings is when I travel. Whether it’s by car or plane Meira Active leggings are my choice for comfort." - Lorraine/ Size L

"They are the best leggings I have ever owned. The are so universal, using them for work, walking and then out to dinner. The fit is perfect and so comfortable. Looking forward to additional purchases. Thank you for making leggings that look great on all ages." - Nanci/ Size S

"These are by far the most comfortable leggings I have, they move well, and they truly don’t have panty lines. The not having to put on underwear wasn’t a huge seller to me, but now I prefer Meira over my other pairs. The no panty lines is amazing. Excellent for mom life too. In just a few weeks they’ve survived chalk, paint, and food smears from my littles, and after all the washes they still look and fit great." - Megan/ Size M

"These leggings are so comfortable and the best part is they make my butt look nice! Lifts and rounds out my rear. The built in lining eliminates any lines which is always a problem for me! I traveled in them because I always need comfortable travel pants and these are my new go to because they are not only comfortable but look amazing! Buy these! You will love them!" - Helena/ Size M

"I really love the leggings I got. They are so comfortable and flattering. I'm pregnant and they have been growing with me which is really nice. I appreciate the built in underwear and no panty lines." - Supreet/ Size M

"Literally so comfortable. the length. the color. the quality. the fact that you don't need to struggle to find the right underwear in the early mornings. I am absolutely in love and best part is they are squat proof. I will continue shopping from them." - Sreenitya/ Size S

The good news is there's no need to scroll through another full page of overwhelming results on your browser in search of a cozy legging or bottom. Amazon may have free shipping, but so does Meira Active. We appreciate the support of our woman owned company making product for women. Stay cozy, stay smooth!


Psst. If between sizes, we usually recommend the smaller size in this particular item. Need more guidance with your order? Contact customer service via the contact tab on our main menu. We're always happy to help with questions about style selection, fiber content, fabric, machine wash instructions, sales inquiries, and more.


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